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#224 N scale poughkeepsie underware

#224 N scale poughkeepsie underware

SKU: 224

This is a four story tall brick red building with a sign that says poughkeepsie underware factory.


    SIZE 4 3/4 Inches wide X 4 Inches tall ¼ inch thick

    This only includes the building as described above it does not include people cars trains or scenery


    14 days money back or replacement, buyer pays return shipping

  • specs

    You are looking at a model railroad background building PHOTO flat. It is a photograph glued to ¼ inch thick black foamcore board. It is ready to be placed on your layout When placed at the back wall of your layout it creates incredible depth in your scene. The buildings are 2D PHOTO flats glued to foam core board. This is not a plastic building They are ¼ inch thick and can be layered to create the illusion of depth. Each building is a photo of a real building in the real world giving real life weathering and detail. Each building has been re-sized to scale and photo - shoped to remove as much modern items as possible so they can be used on almost any era layout. If you already have a backdrop or painted wall just add buildings to what you have to customize it.


    We strive to make our backdrops and buildings as realistic and true to scale as possible. All trees and buildings have been measured and are exactly to scale. This means they may not match when placed next to cheap undersized buildings or trees. Get out your scale ruler and measure. We scale things based on a man door. A standard man door is 84 inches tall. A mature oak tree can be 60 ft tall. A factory building can have a ceiling height of over 14 feet. That makes a 4 story factory 56 foot tall or almost 8 inches in HO scale. If you want a good looking accurate and prototypical railroad you must measure everything.

    I can not and will not make you a custom building or backdrop. I can not change the names on buildings. I can not spend hours designing a building our backdrop that will only sell to one person. I can not cut or resize anything to match your layout. If I did it would almost certainly come out wrong.


    Buildings and backdrops printed at different times will have slight variations in color. This is due to constantly changing ink levels and wear in the printer. It is best to order everything you need at the same time. Don't complain that a building you bought does not match one you bought a six months ago.


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