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#470 trees and sky backdrop

#470 trees and sky backdrop

SKU: 470

# 470 HO Scale Trees and sky



Size, 24 inches tall, 96 inches long


This is an HO scale backdrop. It has a row of trees on the bottom edge. The tallest tree is just under 8 inches tall or 57 scale feet tall. With clouds and sky in the background. It is a mirror image of #471. putting them side to side they will align allowing as long of a backdrop you will need


You are looking at a model railroad backdrop. Printed on MATTE FINISH PHOTO PAPER. It is ready to be mounted on your backdrop. We recommend 3M super 77 spray glue. The buildings are 2D PHOTO flats and ARE NOT mounted to foam core board. This is not a plastic building Each building is a photo of a real building in the real world giving real life weathering and detail. Each building has been re-sized to scale and photo - shopped to remove as much modern items as possible so they can be used on almost any era layout.


The original pictures of my buildings have been taken on different days under different light at different times of the day with different cameras. This can effect the lighting and contrast of different buildings we do our best to even them out but you may see some differences between buildings. This auction only includes the building as described above it does not include people cars trains or scenery

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