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#952 clouds and sky

#952 clouds and sky

SKU: 952


This is a clouds and sky backdrop that will work with any scale. At the bottom it starts as a light blue and fades darker near the top. It is 24 inches tall and 8 feet long. We offer 4 different clouds and sky backdrops with different clouds on them giving you 24 feet of backdrop before the pattern repeats. We also offer one with no clouds.

It is 24 inches tall and 8 feet long

All backdrops are printed with the same color sky so different backdrops will align with each other. We have several backdrops Commercial fronts, Commercial backs and industrial buildings. You can mix them up to get the look you want. Individual buildings are also available

Due to variations in lighting between my layout and yours colors may vary slightly. Colors may vary slightly on Backdrops printed at different times it is best to order all you need at one time to ensure the best color match.

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