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#610 O scale Industry set one almost 10 feet of buildings

#610 O scale Industry set one almost 10 feet of buildings

SKU: 610

O scale Industry set 1 WITHOUT FOAM CORE

Buyer must cut out and mount buildings


This is an O scale backdrop.It has 9 buildings in 2 rows totaling 130 inches of buildings. Included is 4 smoke stacks, 4 trucks and a water tower. They will need to be cut out and mounted by the buyer The first photo is what you will receive. The rest are pictures of some of the buildings included. It is 24 inches tall and 96 inches long

this set includes 3 LARGE buildings only available in ths set – fulton bags, universal foods and tidewater supply.


This set includes the following buildings.

Fulton Bags

scale O

size 36 inches wide x 22 inches tall. This is a huge building

This is the Fulton bags factory in Atlanta. On top in faded white lettering it says Fulton bags. It is slightly smaller than scale to give a forced perspective it looks best when placed behind another building.


Universal Food Service
scale O
size 22 wide x 16 ½ tall
This is a four story brick warehouse in Canton, Ohio. It has loading
dock doors and on top in faded white letters it says UNIVERSAL FOOD SERVICE.



scale O
size 26 wide x 19 tall
This is a five story brick building. With many broken and missing window pains. It has loading dock doors and in faded white letters it says TIDEWATER SUPPLY CO.


scale O
size 12 wide x 5 ½ inches tall
This is a 1 story old brick Building. It says on top Occident flour chas. swisher & son distributor. It has a loading dock and 3 doors


Backside #10
scale O
size 8 ½ x 10 ½
This is the back of a three story brick building in Canton, Ohio.



    This only includes the building as described above it does not include people cars trains or scenery


    14 days money back or replacement, buyer pays return shipping

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